How to Talk about Mental Health

What is the right way to break down the stigma around mental health?


Letter to 2018 Me

Last year, I planted a lemon seed and set the pot on my windowsill and watered it everyday.  A few weeks later, a tiny sprout peeked out of the soil, stretching up towards the sun.  I’m telling you this, because I wonder how that lemon has grown.  I wonder how you have grown too.

Letters to 2016 me

"Don’t be afraid to think differently than the people around you, than your past self.  Be weird.  Dance around to Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones and wear your messy buns and flip-flops through the cold weather (spoiler: I can guarantee you’ll do this, because I do it).  Be kind, too.  Wake up early, drink coffee, go to bed late.  Use the time you have."